Dr. David Larsen: Reimagining Jazz Composition


June 30, 2024    
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm


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Seattle Drum School of Music
1010 South Bailey Street, Seattle , WA, 98108

Saxophonist and composer Dr. David Larsen, Ph.D. (https://larsenjazz.com/) will present his popular lecture: Reimagining Jazz Composition: Modern approaches to jazz improvisation and composition.

Dr. Larsen will share tools and strategies to create jazz compositions using: Alternate Time-Feels, Modern Chord Progressions, Contemporary Improvisational Techniques, Alternate Melodic Structures, and Expanded Solo Forms.

The lecture will walk participants through the techniques and provide opportunities for questions and advice on how to incorporate these techniques into their music. Utilizing musical examples and analysis, the participants will understand how these pieces are constructed, how to improvise over them, and how to analyze existing music that makes use of these techniques.

Attendees will be given reference materials, musical examples, and listening lists for reference.

Open to the public. Free for SCA members; non-members are asked for a donation of $5.00



Open to the public. Free to all SCA Members. Non-members are asked to donate $5.00.

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