SCA Live Sessions


The Seattle Composers Alliance is excited to present a new series of live performances, featuring the talent of our community of music creators. SCA Live Sessions gives our members a chance to have their music played and heard, live on stage.

Members are encouraged to submit any genre of music for consideration!


Our first SCA Live Session will be hosted on Tuesday, May 3rd at Café Racer in Capitol Hill. We are planning future Live Sessions for dates and venues to be determined.


  • Doors open at 6pm. The show will start at 7:30pm. Café Racer is open to all ages until 10:00pm.
  • Performances are open to the public, but only active members of the SCA may submit a song to be considered in the program. Membership is simple…find out here.
  • The complete program will comprise two 45-minute sets with music from multiple SCA composers.
  • The SCA has assembled a “house band” of top-tier local musicians on piano, drums, and bass to perform the pieces or provide accompaniment. These players are professionals at the top of their craft, able to play most any genre of music!
  • Composers may choose to bring their own musicians or perform solo.
  • Submissions for performances utilizing the house band are required to include a chord chart or lead sheet and a recording of the music for the band’s reference. Composers may use the band in one of the following ways:
    Option 1:  Any combination or member of the house band (piano, drums, and bass) can play the piece.
    Option 2: Composers may play and/or sing solo along with the band.
    Option 3: Composers may bring in their own soloist/musicians to play with the band. Note: The SCA will only have a piano/drums/bass trio available. Composers are responsible for providing their own additional singers and additional instruments.


  • Suggested donation for submissions is $20 to compensate our house band.
  • Send a recording of the song to by March 31st, 2022. The recording does not need to be studio quality, but should be clear enough for the selection committee to hear/understand.
  • We highly recommend including a score, chord chart, or lead sheet for the piece. If the performance requires the house band musicians in any way, the composer’s submission must include a score, chord chart or lead sheet.
  • Scores/chord charts/lead sheets must be legible and easy to sight read. The house band is very skilled, but they will not have a chance to get very familiar with every song prior to performing.
  • The song must be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.
  • The venue and the house band cannot accommodate a rehearsal prior to the show, so performers must be ready to go that night.
  • Additional instrumentalists/vocalists brought in by composers cannot be paid by the SCA.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the SCA Board of Directors, with some input from the house band musicians.
  • If the SCA receives too many qualified submissions for the May 3rd Live Session, they can be performed at the next Live Session(s) TBD.
  • All composers, performers, program leaders and attendees must adhere to the SCA’s Code of Conduct.