Sky Muse Master Class hosted by Ron Jones, March 29th.

Ron Jones, Emmy and Grammy nominated American composer who has written music for TV shows, including Star Trek:  The Next Generation, Duck Tales, American Dad!, and Family Guy. and Seattle Composers Alliance board member, had a  Master Class recently at DigiPen which featured L.A. session players Dave Tull and Brad Dutz last week. His  next Master Class will be held at the new state-of-the-art Nickerson Studios on the campus of Seattle Pacific University and it features his  good friend Sergey Shustitskiy. Sergey has a lot of great things to talk about and share.

The Master Class with Sergey will be:
March 29th
Seattle Pacific University
7;00 pm-9;00 PM
SPU/Nickerson Studios
340 W Nickerson St.
Seattle, WA 98119